People's Republic Of Disco


Although the People’s Republic of Disco is no more as a club night entity, we are still open to reviving it in some form for parties, events, festivals etc. So if you think you might want to book us for some PROD-style nonsense, email us at dubversion AT gmail DOT com

Meanwhile, this is what we’re doing now:

Randy & Earl’s Old Record Club, Jared and Lee’s music and mix blog, and the home to their main DJ-ing identities these days. Check it out if you’re into soul, country, blues, gospel, jazz, rockabilly, rhythm & blues, garage and the like. Breakstep or booty bounce, not so much.

Speakers Push Air, which is Lee in his Dubversion / Stagger Lee incarnation, blogging about music mostly but books and movies and politics too. A steady stream of mixes and bullshit and the occasional gratuitious pic of a tattooed rockabilly girl.

Clockwatcher, Jared’s art and photography blog. Pictures of exciting things around Deptford – toilets, floors, corpses.

Hocus Baloney, where you’ll find the simply staggering art of Mark “The Door Bitch” Stafford.

Buftyworld, where Michael is found most evenings, posting slashfiction about Anya and John Shuttleworth